Theory Tests Driving Tests And Coronavirus COVID-19

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DVSA has decided to cancel all theory and driving tests temporarily to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is a disease which can damage people lungs and affect breathing. This illness caused because of virus known as coronavirus.

Theory Tests

All Theory tests has been cancelled for four weeks started from 20th March 2020 till 20th April 2020. Candidates can apply for full refund if their theory test was booked on or before 23rd March 2020.

Refunds will be issued automatically and it may take few week(s) to receive refund. Candidate(s) will receive an email once refund is issued.

Candidate(s) will need to book new theory test after 20th April 2020. You can still change, book or cancel their theory test if it’s booked on or after 21 April 2020.

This suspension also applies for ADI standards checks. Emails has been sent to all the candidates that your theory test is cancelled.

Driving Tests

Driver and vehicle standards agency (DVSA) have also cancelled all driving tests for about 3 months. This includes any test booked from 21st March 2020.

Candidate(s) can apply for full refund if the driving test was booked on or before 24th March 2020 and has been cancelled on a short notice.

DVSA will automatically re-book your driving test. Candidate(s) will receive confirmation email with new test time and date. Email can take somewhere around 2 weeks to arrive before candidate(s) original driving test date.

New driving test date will be after about 3 months time. Remember DVSA customer service won’t be able to help if you call them for earlier test date.

Instructors are taking potential risks and still doing driving lessons for every remaining hour of tuition as they can not afford to stop teaching.

Driving schools in Lowestoft said, this profession will be losing work as driving test centres are now closed. Driving instructors asked for financial support from government.