Top 7 Reasons Why Learners Fail Driving Test

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Top 7 Reasons Why Learners Fail Driving Test 2020

In today’s post, we would like to highlight the top 7 reasons why learners fail their driving test. What major and common driving faults they do on their driving test.

According to driving instructors in Lowestoft, learner drivers do the following common serious or dangerous driving mistakes and fail their test.


One of the top reason learners fail their test is not good observation before pulling out at junctions and roundabouts. They don’t judge properly, how far the other vehicle is and what speed they are coming. They pull out in front of other road users when they have priority and force them to slow down.

Positioning on Approach to Roundabout

Understanding the rule of lane discipline and choosing the correct lane on approach to roundabout is very important. Learners get nervous and can’t decide which lane to choose especially on multi lanes and big roundabouts. They end up positioning in the wrong lane to take the exit and cause serious or dangerous situation.

Use of Mirrors Before Change Lane or Direction

Not checking the mirrors before changing lane or direction is one of the common serious or dangerous fault learners do on their practical driving test. Sometimes they do check mirrors but don’t respond what they see in the mirrors. Make sure you had a good look in the mirrors and know what is on the sides of your car before changing lane.

Meeting Traffic Situation:

Motorists need to deal with parked cars and hazard safely. Learner drivers do two common serious or dangerous fault when they pass the parked cars, cyclists or hazard on their side of the road.
1. They force the oncoming traffic to slow down when they have priority.
2. Don’t give enough clearance when they pass the hazard or parked cars.
Remember to give at least 1 metre clearance and look out for oncoming traffic even if you have priority.

Response to Traffic Lights

Another reason why learners fail driving test is not responding to the traffic lights properly. Sometimes they stop and wait at the traffic lights when they are green and sometimes they try to proceed when the light is red. Another fault they do, is waiting at green filter arrow. Where they can proceed in the direction of the arrow without waiting for the oncoming traffic. So you better watch out for traffic light colors. 👀

Undue Hesitation

It’s natural that learner may be nervous and get too cautious on the test. In result they do some serious faults which includes driving too slow or stopping at junctions or roundabouts when they should not.

Observation When Doing Manoeuvre

Learners also fail their driving test because of not doing effective all round observation while doing manoeuvre. You need to observe and respond to other road users. You need to stop and let other road users go if they approach from any direction as they have priority. If they stop and are happy to wait then you can continue with the manoeuvre.

Are You Ready To Pass Driving Test

Remember to have enough practice so you don’t have to worry about failing the test. Driving school in Wellingborough recommends about 45-60 hours of practice with professional driving instructors including practice with relatives and friends. They said, it’s not just about passing the driving test but also learning the driving skills for life.