Top 7 Tips for New Drivers

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Top 7 Tips for New Drivers

You are in the right place if you are a new driver, or you know somebody who has just passed the driving test. These top 7 tips are designed to give new drivers the best chance of staying safe on the road while saving money where possible.

Get Cheap Insurance

Insurance is a huge expense for young and new motorists as they have a higher statistical risk of suffering an accident. However there is a way to reduce the price of a new driver’s insurance policy while also reducing the risk of crashes.

The Black Box is a small device that records speed, distance traveled, the time of day, and driving style. The black box sends information back to the insurance provider which means motorist has a decent good reason not to speed or drive carelessly. A black box can be the ideal way to keep your driving in check while saving money so make sure to do little research.

Smart Devices and Young Motorists

Young and teenage drivers are the worst offenders for using mobile phones while driving. This is extremely worrying as one in four car crashes happen when a driver is using a mobile behind the wheel. The death rate is higher due to mobile use than any other in-car distraction. The brilliant way to avoid the temptation is to put the smart device in the glove box as soon as you get in the car, preventing the risk of picking it up completely.

Driving at Night

If a new driver learns driving during the summertime, it will be highly unlikely that any night driving will be completed. The driving tests can be passed without a driver has ever been out at night.

If you haven’t been out on the road at night time, ensure to practice before undertaking a journey as a lot of things can change in the darkness. Visibility is obviously reduced and tiredness is a much bigger factor so it’s crucial that a new driver feels comfortable on the road in the evening.

If a new driver has learned how to drive with an instructor, most likely that their first dream car will be the same model. Every car is different so it’s vital that a new motorist is comfortable in their own car before driving on their own.

Practicing with an experienced driver or driving instructor in your own car will prove to be incredibly beneficial.

Braking and Acceleration

Braking and acceleration feel is different in every car. These controls can lead to a dangerous situation if a driver is not used to their vehicle.

The car manual is also very helpful as all of the controls and functions of the car are explained in detail.

Save Fuel

According to driving instructors in Luton, fuel is a big and expensive part of driving for young people to manage. There are techniques of driving efficiently which reduces fuel consumption and helps the car stay healthy too. Cut down on driving journeys, It’s the most obvious yet easiest way to save fuel.

Slow down in good time and drive sensibly by anticipating the road ahead. Brake progressively and accelerate only when needed will save fuel considerably. Reduce the weight in your car by removing unnecessary things. Get the car serviced regularly as this will make sure your engine is well-maintained and fuel consumption is kept at optimal levels.

P Plate

Having the P stickers on a new driver’s car will let other road users know that you are new to driving and might be nervous or vulnerable to mistakes. Motorists will have more patience with drivers with P plates so it’s wise to put them in the car.

Driving on the Motorways

Unless a new driver has undertaken their motorway or advanced driving lessons, they won’t have ever driven on a motorway. Here are some amazing and essential tips you need to know.

Normal driving position is left-hand lane and only use the middle/right-hand lane to overtake if needed. Driving in the middle lane will hold up the following traffic and this can frustrate other motorists so make sure to keep in the left lane.

It’s fundamental to utilize your mirrors as there are vehicles moving at incredibly high speeds consistently on the motorway.

Attempt to keep a decent separation between vehicles in front of whatever the climate yet particularly in troublesome conditions including precipitation and wind. This will decrease the danger of a mishap happening and guarantee you and others have a sense of security driving.

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