Top 9 Tips for Driving at Night

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Top 9 Tips for Driving at Night

How many motorists have driven at night? Well, the answer is almost every experienced driver have done night time driving or have driven in the dark.

It will make a big difference when it comes to a new driver or a learner driver. If someone has passed his driving test not long ago. Probably, they would have no or very little driving experience at night.

In this article, aDriving would highlight the top driving tips at night so stay tuned. This post is not only good for new motorists but also experienced drivers need to stick as we have some great tips for them too.

Driving at Night Times

Surprising figure revealed by the driver and vehicle standards agency are worth checking out.

As per these numbers about 100,000 new and young motorists have not practiced driving at night time before their practical driving test.

Around 35% of all car accidents involved young drivers happen at night time.

This figure shows that a large number of motorists get involved at night are young or new drivers.

Are Learners Not Allowed To Practice at Night

Driving at night is not a part of the practical driving test. This is obviously not something that learners have to do to pass their test.

Is this means learners should not practice driving at night with their driving instructor, relative or friend? The answer is definitely “No”. Learner’s aim should not be only to pass their test. They should cover all aspects of driving with their instructor to be a safe driver.

Does Driving Instructors Provide Evening Driving Lessons

Most driving instructors provide client-centered instructions, said driving Schools in Kettering. This means the instructor would be more than happy to book a learner for an evening driving lesson if the learner asks the instructor. Learners will then have the opportunity to practice driving at night.

As a driver, you will need to drive at night at some point. So, here are the top 9 tips for driving at night:

1. Keep Car Windscreen & Windows Clean

Dirty windows and windscreen restrict the driver’s view and increase dazzle and glare. This can lead to a fatal road crash. Make sure you keep all windows and windscreen clean before setting off.

2. Check Front and Rear Wiper

You won’t be able to clean the front and rear windscreen properly if the wipers are not in good condition. Keep checking these wipers from time to time to make sure that in good condition. Replace them straight away if they are worn.

3. Adjust Speed

Driving too fast for the road time and weather condition will definitely affect your safe driving ability. It’s hard to see junctions and potential dangers at night time. Always slow down in good time especially on the approach to hidden dips, bends and junctions.

Also, you can find it hard to judge the stopping distance. The key factor to avoid road accidents is driving at the speed that you can brake and stop safely.

4. Car Headlights

They are mandatory for night-time driving. Headlights increase your visibility on the road ahead. You can also be easily seen by other road users. Don’t forget to turn them on to dipped if driving in the dark or at night.

5. Look Out for Pedestrian

It is difficult to see pedestrians at night especially if they are not wearing any high visible jacket. Some street light’s shadow even makes it harder to see pedestrians.

6. Cyclists on the Road

Watch out for cyclists as they are vulnerable road users. Sometimes they don’t have any reflective lights on their bikes or wear a high visibility jacket. Keep in mind, they can sometimes perform an unpredicted move.

7. Main Beam

You can use the main beam if you are driving on a pitch-black country road. But switch them to dip when approaching oncoming traffic to avoid dazzling to other road users.

8. Book Evening Driving Lesson

Do some evening lessons if you have recently passed your driving test but have not practiced driving at night with your instructor. This will enrich your night time driving skills and you would cope with the uncertain safely. For more information check the website driving lessons in Wellingborough.

9. Overtaking

Think twice before overtaking at night time. You should only overtake if there is a slow-moving vehicle in front of you and if it’s safe, legal and necessary to do so.

Finally, “be safe be responsible.” You can talk to our team of experts if you need further help and advice. You can also find us on Exeter