Top Reasons of Road Accidents UK

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Top Reasons of Road Accidents UK

Whether you drive cars to and from work, to see your friends and family or to run errands, roads are very important but sometimes could be dangerous as part of life. In today’s post we will reveal the top reasons of road accidents. Government figures show that 175,000 road traffic accidents were reported within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in 2017.

Though some of the road accidents can not be avoided most of them can be prevented by defense driving. To bring awareness to the people of the dangers of the road, a prestigious driving schools in Wellingborough list some of the road accident causes.

Teenage Drivers

Research shows that teenage and young drivers are 8 times more likely to be involved in the road accidents in the first three months of passing their driving test. Teenage drivers are also more likely to pick up dangerous driving habits for example acceleration, taking sharp turns too fast, sudden and sharp braking.

Careless Driving

Motorists rushing behind the wheel cause more than 17 percent of all fatal and dangerous road accidents. Drivers need to remember that nothing is so important that opt yourself or other road users at risk by reckless or careless driving. You should always be responsible for road users and plan well ahead. Ensure you allow yourself extra time to get to your destination while driving safely and at the speed limit. You must take 15 minutes to break after every 2 hours of driving.

Drink Or Drug Driving

Drink and drug driving are the major reasons for road accidents in the UK. Driving above the drink limit may result in motorists being banned from driving, imprisoned, and facing heavy penalties. Driving schools in Lowestoft advise motorists to get a lift or take a taxi back home after consuming alcohol.

Control of the Vehicle

Losing control of the vehicle is another major cause of road accidents by taking a turning or corner too fast. Driving too fast on the country roads or concentrating on music or arguing with a passenger in the car.

Not Planning Well Ahead

Not planning well ahead on the road is the single great cause of road accidents for all age drivers. Whether you’re on the motorway, dual carriageway, turning into a side road, changing lanes especially reversing, motorists should always anticipate other road users. Apply mirrors single and manoeuvres at all times.

Anticipating Other Road Users

Not anticipating other road users and failing to judge other road user’s actions. According to female driving instructors in Luton, anticipating speed or actions of other road users can help to prevent fatal road accidents.


Research shows by driving school in Rushden that motorists do poor all around observation when doing manoeuvres. All road users must ensure that they find safe place to manoeuvres to reduce the of risk of road accidents.

Distraction While Driving

Being distracted while driving by using the mobile phone, urging to the passengers, playing loud music etc is another cause of major road accidents in the UK. Read more at motorists risk their lives with mobile and smartphones

Braking Sharply

Motorists should always plan well ahead and avoid sudden braking while driving unless in really emergency. Always brake progressively means brake gently and as early as possible to avoid any collision. If you brake sharply, potential danger is, someone can go into back of your vehicle.

Taking Turning Too Fast

Turning or coming out of the junctions too fast could cause fatal accidents. Motorists should approach turnings and junctions at an appropriate speed in order to take them safely. Slow down more on closed or junctions with restricted view.

Weather Conditions

This is another cause of road accidents. Although motorists can not control the weather but studies by driving instructors in Northampton shows, they can reduce the risk of accidents by planing ahead. Look for weather forecast especially before leaving for long journeys. Remember that braking distance on a wet road is double and is 10 times on an icy road. Also motorists should ensure that all the windows and mirrors are clean and not obstructing the views.


Driving too close to the vehicle in front is one of the major cause of road accidents in the UK. Our Driving instructors in Corby strongly suggests to keep 2 second gap from the vehicle in front to prevent road accidents. “Only a fool brakes the 2 second rule”.

Pedestrians failing to look properly

Sometimes pedestrians step out into road without looking, result in devastating consequences for both pedestrians and drivers. When driving in residential areas or near schools, drivers must not exceed the speed limit and be aware of children or pedestrians who can unexpectedly step out into the road.

All road users have to play a role to minimize the risk of road accidents. Everyone should drive responsibly and obey the driving rules and law.

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