Top Strategies for Nervous Learner drivers

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Top Strategies for Nervous Learner drivers

Top strategies for nervous learner drivers for 2019 : We all experience nerve wracking situations from time to time. When it comes to driving some learners may be affected more than others.

If you are anxious and nervous about learning to drive then find out the top strategies for nervous learner drivers which can help you to keep your nerves calm when your book driving lessons.

Choose the Right Driving Instructor

Finding the right driving instructor for example driving instructors wellingborough who you can feel comfortable with and will be a turning point to your learning to drive journey.
Experienced and friendly driving instructors will put you on ease and plan the lesson as per your driving needs.
Good driving instructors:
Identify and explain mistakes in a progressive way.
Teach you at your pace in a quiet place which helps you to build your confidence and make you feel less nervous.
Apply pupil centred approach to achieve the mutual goals.

Communicate – Top Strategies for Nervous Learner Drivers

Communication is the key factor in learning to drive.
Don’t hesitate to ask questions, if you are not sure about something like what speed should I turn left from major to minor road or where to position on approach to roundabout.
Ask instructor to demonstrate or talk through the specific situation you are struggling.
You can ask to teach at your pace.

Breathe and Relax

Normal breathing pattern make you feel much calmer while driving.
Simple deep breaths while driving can help you to relax and control the nerves.
Make sure you are not tired for the driving lessons. Have a good sleep the night before the lesson.
Talk yourself through if that helps.


Practise makes you perfect. We recommend 45 hours with approved driving instructors and 20-22 hours of practising with family and friends.
There is no set number of lessons or hours you must practise driving.
Learn and practise with professional driving instructor as they know exactly how to teach you to build your confidence and keep you calm during the driving lesson.

Driving Videos

Watch driving videos on youtube for example how to approach junctions, roundabouts, traffic lights etc.

Contact Adriving school wellingborough if you need help and support about nerves and anxieties or help with driving lessons Wellingborough Kettering Northampton.

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