Wellingborough Driving Test Routes No 01

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Wellingborough Driving Test Routes No. 01 2020

Have you recently failed your driving test because you was not familiar with the local area and test route. Wellingborough driving test routes number 01 will help learner drivers to get familiar with local roads and area.

Test routes are specially designed to examine learners driving skills on different type of roads and traffic conditions. Practicing on test routes may increase chances of passing driving test first time.

Video and Roads of test route

  • Manoeuvre exercise first, drive forward into any parking bay and reverse out.
  • Leave test centre car onto goldsmith road and at the end of road turn left into burns road.
  • At the end of road turn right onto Queensway.
  • At the traffic lights turn right into Northampton road.
  • On approach to roundabout turn left 1st exit onto A509 and at the next roundabout go around at the roundabout 4th exit.
  • At the roundabout turn left 1st exit onto A4500.
  • Turn right into Mears Ashby road / Wilby road.
  • At the end of Wilby road (Crossroad), go straight ahead onto Sywell road (Mears Ashby).
  • At the end of road turn right into Wellingborough road / Sywell road / Moonshine Gap. Drive pass Sywell Aviation Museum on your left and Beckworth Emporium on your right.
  • Turn right onto Sywell road. Straight at the roundabout 1st exit.
  • Roundabout straight ahead 2nd exit.
  • Next roundabout follow road ahead 3rd towards Queensway.
  • Turn right into Shelly road.
  • Turn left onto Longfellow road.
  • At the end Longfellow road, turn left into Goldsmith road and head back to test centre car park.

This is the end of test. We hope you have found this informative. Contact professionals if you would like to practice this route with professional driving instructors in Wellingborough or need more information on this route. Follow us on twitter for driving news and updates.