What If Theory Test Certificate Expires During Coronavirus

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There was a petition to extend the driving theory test certificate because of the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic. This petition is signed by thousands of people. Hundreds of candidates could not book their car practical driving test since they have passed their theory test due to coronavirus.

The Government Response

After careful review and consideration, the government has decided not to extend the theory test certificate’s validity. Theory test certificates that expire soon will not be extended. Candidates will need to redo their theory if it expires soon.

This decision by the government can be disappointing and might not be welcomed by a lot of candidates. The government took this decision for road safety reasons. It is very important that candidates have up-to-date road and highway code knowledge. Also, candidates need to have updated hazard perception skills so they can drive safely and react to the potential dangers on their own.

What If Practical Driving Test is Booked But Theory Test Certificate Expires

Practical driving test bookings are also affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The DVSA will reschedule the driving test for all the candidates whose test has been cancelled because of the third national lockdown.

The candidate’s driving test will be placed on hold if no test dates are available at the candidate’s chosen driving test centre before their theory test certificate expires.

If the candidate’s driving test is postponed due to COVID-19 and their theory test has expired or expires before the practical test, the DVSA will cancel their driving test. The test fee will be refunded by the DVSA.

The candidate must redo his/her theory test and have a valid theory test certificate before book a practical test. Also, candidates need to take their theory certificate on the test day along with their provisional driving licence.

Driving instructors who have booked a practical test for their students need to inform them if their theory expired or expires soon.

Candidates can also book a new theory test six months before their present theory certificate expires. You can also look for a driving test cancellation just before your theory expires.

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