Where to Practice Driving in Wellingborough

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Where To Practice Driving in Wellingborough

When learner driver plans to learn to drive with friends or family. Few things comes in mind and one of them is where to practice driving in Wellingborough. In this post we will highlight the best and suitable areas for practicing in Wellingborough. Our expert instructors normally take pupil to the nearest suitable area to save time depends on learners previous driving experience.

Best Suitable Area(s) for Complete Beginners

Learners can practice driving in Wellingborough with friends and family in the following areas.

Park Farm Industrial Estate

Park farm industrial estate is one of the best suitable area for learners with zero driving experience. Roads are wide and long enough with fairly less traffic. Speed limit is 30mph around this area. Learners can practice moving off and stopping. This is also a best suitable area for practicing turning left right and emerging left right at the T-junctions. You can easily practice up to 3rd gear in that area.

However our experts from driving school in Kettering visited the area and advised not to practice in that area during rush areas 8am – 9am in the morning and 4.45pm – 5.30pm in the evening. Most offices are closed on Saturdays so it would be a great idea to start your lesson on Saturday. Especially if you are very nervous, excited and looking forward to first driving experience.

Finedon Road Industrial Estate

It’s an industrial estate full of offices and warehouses. Sanders road is the best suitable road to practice which goes around and makes a circle with couple of roundabouts. This road may have a bit more traffic compare to park farm. Speed limit is 30mph and no waiting restriction applies. Beginners with no previous driving experience can practice moving off and stopping. You can also learn changing up to 2nd and 3rd gear around this area. Instructors who do driving lessons in Wellingborough advise not to stop on the bends in this area.

Gleneagles – Where to Practice Driving in Wellingborough

This is the great area to practice for learners with little driving experience. Speed limit is 30mph and roads are normally quiet with less traffic. This is the best area to practice left / right turns and practicing emerging left and right at the junctions. Learners can also practice meeting situation around this area.

Driving Tests Routes in Wellingborough

There are number of DVSA driving test routes in Wellingborough. We would like to show you one of the real practical driving test route taken by one of our valued customer in 2020 and passed first time on this route. 👇 Test usually last around 40 minutes driving on combination of roads.

We hope you have found this article informative. Speak to our experts or get in touch on facebook twitter if you would to like to know more about other area(s) for practicing in Wellingborough. Listed in AboveTime Directory Website Promote