Will UK Driving Licence be Valid in EU Countries After Brexit

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Will UK Driving Licence be Valid in EU Countries After Brexit

Brexit deals between the UK and the EU have come to an end and a deal between the EU and the UK could not be finalized. Lots of changes will come into effect from 1 January 2021 as only a few days are left until the transition period ends when the UK leaves the bloc’s regulations for good.

A deal talk ended up on Christmas Eve, with a no-deal Brexit. Official ties between the UK and the EU will be cut on 31 December 2020 and a number of different rules and regulations will replace the present EU rules, not only when it comes to flying or driving in the EU countries.

New regulations will also affect the holidays abroad from 1 January 2021, with British citizens only allowed to stay 90 days in the EU countries without getting a visa permit.

Thousands of British citizens like and enjoy driving to EU countries like France, Belgium, etc. UK full driving licence holders will now be wondering if they would be allowed to drive to EU countries under the new rules.

Will UK driving licence be valid in EU countries after Brexit deal?

Yes – British full driving licence holders will be allowed to drive in the EU countries from 1 January 2021 onward.

However, from 1 January 2021. British drivers will require to obtain an International Driving Permit (IDP) to drive their car to the European counties, or for hiring a vehicle when they arrive in any EU country.

It will cost £5.50 to get an international driving permit at the local Post Office. An international driving permit is actually an official, multi-language translation of a driving licence. UK drivers will not be allowed to drive to the EU unless they the correct IDP.  Three types of IDP has been introduced for motorists who intend to drive to the EU:

  • 1926
  • 1949
  • 1968

Vehicle Documents

  • The UK drivers must take vehicle V5C logbook if the vehicle is less than 12 months old.
  • VE103 vehicle hire certificate if driving a leased or hired to the EU countries.

We hope this article will help UK drivers to decide what documents they need if they intend to travel to Europe in their car. Get in touch with aDriving team if you need more help and information regarding driving to the European countries. Don’t forget to like our facebook page for all the latest updates